My Favorite List!


Categories: Esther Passaris, Kenya on 24-08-2009

This appeared in a newspaper interview I did for the local Magazine EVE which is no longer being published. THINGS YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT ESTHER PASSARIS 1. Five people she would love to invite to dinner: Nelson Mandela, Daniel arap Moi, Wangari Maathai, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey. 2. One great thing she would still […]

The Monthly Entrepreneurs Grant


Categories: Driving Kenya Foundation, Entrepreneur Grant, Esther Passaris, Kenya on 22-08-2009

I noticed that many of my readers are not aware that I have been having a monthly entrepreneurs grant. Many entrepreneurs, young inventors and upcoming business people are most of the time restricted by the availability of funds or credit. The Kenya government has come up with many credit programs most of which are still […]

Mmmm Kenya Government?


Categories: Driving Kenya Foundation, Esther Passaris, Kenya, Kenyan, Poverty on 21-08-2009

Monday this week I attended the talk by CK Prahalad on the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. This talk was quite an eye opener but the government role is key to its success. Today the government of Kenya went a step ahead and launched the water irrigation project to address food shortage by […]

July Grant Applicants!


Categories: Entrepreneur Grant, Esther Passaris, Kenya on 19-08-2009

I want to apologize to the Grant applicants for July, 2009 for the delay in reverting back to all of you. I shall be contacting you for a get together to make the award via mail to your respective addresses. For those Kenyans interested in being assisted in their project via a grant please continue […]

Kenyan Shortages!


Categories: Esther Passaris, Kenya, Kenyan, Poverty on 18-08-2009

Shortages, Shortages, Shortages. That is what we are beginning to experience as the the drought lingers on. Last night the electricity was not back at 6 pm as they had promised. The excuse was a transformer had blown. I went to bed before power came and woke up to no water to bath. This is […]

Media and Patriotism


Categories: Esther Passaris, Kenya, Kenyan on 13-08-2009

The media does set the mood of a country. From my own experience the media fuels perceptions that lead to talks which people then run with or without even knowing the person they are talking about. Is it me or is the media is still stuck on warlike utterances like we were in election mode? […]

My Hope for Justice!


Categories: Adopt A Light, Esther Passaris, Kenya on 12-08-2009

Image via Wikipedia Yesterday I met the Nairobi City Town Clerk Philip Kisia. I have known Kisia from his days at the Nairobi Central business District Association (NCBDA) . Then he defended Adopt A Light. When we sat to talk I admired his professionalism as he got an internal lawyer to give him an opinion […]

Kenyan Tribes Tribe Tribe….


Categories: Election Violence, Esther Passaris, Kenya, Kenyan, Relationships on 12-08-2009

Kenyan tribes tribe tribe – Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin happens to be the mother of tribalism in Kenya and if we are not careful it will add other children Kamba, Luhya etc. We Kenyans have to guard against this. We should be proud of our heritage and culture but leave it there. When the census comes […]

Entrepreneurs Grants Applicants


Categories: Esther Passaris, Kenya, Kenyan, Poverty on 11-08-2009

Last week was one long and educative one, mainly on how to trade with the US, with ourselves and with Africa. I have gathered a lot from African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Foum, but it took my whole day and by the time I got home I could do nothing else. We have received […]

Eat The Frog Group


Categories: Esther Passaris, Kenya, Kenyan, Relationships on 11-08-2009

Well last Saturday I met with some Kenyans who had wanted to meet my brother who was supposed to visit from the UK. That lunch took place at the Carnivore restaurant Nairobi. Ten of us met, three couldn’t make it. I shared the start of a way of life, a commitment to plan & live […]